CoRe Lab

The Cognitive Reasoning (CoRe) Lab is affiliated with the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at PKU. Our projects span three directions:

  • Abstract Reasoning: analogy, causality, IQ, number sense, physics, and tool-use.
  • Visually Grounded Reasoning: affordance, container, functionality, hoi, intent, scene parsing, scene reconstruction, and scene synthesis.
  • Interactive Reasoning: communication, manipulation, TAMP, teaming, UAV, VR, and XAI.


  • [August 2022] Prof. Yanchao Bi from Beijing Normal University gave a lecture on knowledge representation in human brain for Tong Class students.
  • [August 2022] Prof. Ying Nian Wu from UCLA gave a tutorial on generative model for Tong Class students.
  • [July 2022] One paper accepted to Science Robotics, featured on both Science and Science Robotics website.
  • [July 2022] One paper accepted to ECCV 2022. Three papers accepted to IROS/RA-L.