[ICLR24] SparseDFF: Sparse-View Feature Distillation for One-Shot Dexterous Manipulation


Humans demonstrate remarkable skill in transferring manipulation abilities across objects of varying shapes, poses, and appearances, a capability rooted in their understanding of semantic correspondences between different instances. To equip robots with a similar high-level comprehension, we present SparseDFF, a novel DFF for 3D scenes utilizing large 2D vision models to extract semantic features from sparse RGBD images, a domain where research is limited despite its relevance to many tasks with fixed-camera setups. SparseDFF generates view-consistent 3D DFFs, enabling efficient one-shot learning of dexterous manipulations by mapping image features to a 3D point cloud. Central to SparseDFF is a feature refinement network, optimized with a contrastive loss between views and a point-pruning mechanism for feature continuity. This facilitates the minimization of feature discrepancies w.r.t. end-effector parameters, bridging demonstrations and target manipulations. Validated in real-world scenarios with a dexterous hand, SparseDFF proves effective in manipulating both rigid and deformable objects, demonstrating significant generalization capabilities across object and scene variations

In Proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Representations
Yixin Zhu
Yixin Zhu
Assistant Professor

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